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Why is selling these buildings so bad?


The sale of a significant number of Post Office buildings, many of them historic and most containing uniquely American art from depression era programs, is in direct conflict with established process and procedures mandated by Historic Preservation and the Government Services Agency (GSA).  These sales:

  • Will not make the Post Office self –sustaining
  • Will result in a long term leasehold obligation vs. continuing occupancy in an owned facility in which the excess space could be shared with another governmental agency or leased for ongoing cash flow 
  • Violates the USPS' responsibility for maintaining public property and historic preservation – regulatory processes are not being followed consistently
  • May actually be sold by the USPS at a loss to benefit profiteers
  • May damage local community businesses and customers access to postal services
  • Can lead to abandoned historic downtown business areas, to their detriment.  These actions are in direct conflict with Executive Orders 12072 and 13006 which mandates locating federal facilities on historic properties in our Nation’s central cities.
  • Covenants that are intended to ensure public access to historic buildings and their art cannot be consistently enforced.  Future public access to art owned and paid for by the American people cannot be guaranteed.

All of these sales are being managed by one real estate firm who stands to gain commissions in excess of hundreds of million dollars.  They will be paid on the sale of the property as well as the lease in a new location.  Their motivation is solely transaction based.  Also members of firm have strong personal ties to Senate leadership.

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